"Contractor Compliance Solutions (CCS) goes above and beyond just doing 'certified payroll.'  Our Turnkey Compliance Management solution was developed to take your project from the beginning to the end - while being in compliance.  We take care of each detail – so you do not have to worry."

-Sarah Rolin | President

  • We are tough 

    We are dedicated to your project and your company.  We will stand firm in our quest for strict compliance.  We talk to your Primes, your Subs, your Awarding Bodies.  We do not let someone’s lack of knowledge hinder your compliance.  We politely, but firmly educate as required – while maintaining professionalism – because we know how hard you have worked to establish your business relationships.

  • You are COVERED

    All projects are covered by our MILLION-DOLLAR errors and omissions policy.

  • Billing is a breeze

    Our billing is transparent and broken down by job and tasks; allowing you to easily job cost.

  • We are knowledgeable

    It helps greatly that this is what we do, we are the experts and can identify potential problems before they become a financial liability.

  • We never quit

    We understand how frustrating it can be to get someone hired and trained, just to have them move on.  We are always here.

  • We are affordable


    We offer subcontractor management and mentoring.  Prime/Direct contractors can be found financially liable for non-compliant subcontractors.  Let CCS monitor them – so that you limit your liability.


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